Let 'They' Doubt Turn You Into The Ultimate Warrior

Sunday night LeBron James led his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, to win the NBA Finals! LeBron credits the doubt, pressure and negativity of his detractors with giving him the motivation he used to win. In his first Instagram post since the game he described all the things 'they' said to deter him from victory. 

As a business owner, I wrestle with self-doubt and unsolicited negative advice from detractors every day. Like medicine, I need to practice positive visualization and affirmations daily to keep moving toward my goals. For me, it's positivity that keeps me going in spite of the haters. Do you have a daily practice for staying motivated? Is it positivity or the negativity of the haters that keeps you focused? Whatever it is that helps you keep that pep in your step, you need some daily routine to prevent what 'they' say from distracting you, slowing you down or stopping your progress.  

If you haven't had your motivation yet today take a look at some of these amazing motivational quotes below. For a good dose of your motivational medicine every day use the Motivation Every Day board on Pinterest to help you stay positive and focused on success in your business and in your life.

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