5 Tip Tuesday: 5 FREE resources to refresh your website

Every so often I read a great blog about the importance of refreshing your brand. Immediately I feel like my website is inadequate and old. Fortunately, if you are able to edit and update your website on your own all you need are some fonts, graphics and photos to give it a fresh look. Free fonts on Google, $1 graphics on Canva and stock imagery from Pexels are accessible but everyone uses them! When I want to experiment with creating something truly unique and eye-catching for my brand I go to the Creative Market. There are five core elements I get from the creative market that keeps my branding current.

1. Stock that rocks

Don't you hate it when you see the same photos everywhere online? It seems that the same few photos are used for 100's of different websites, social media accounts and advertisements. Getting high quality stock photography is a challenge, especially when your budget is limited. I've started downloading stock photos from Creative Market. When you purchase stock photography from Creative Market you get a bundle of photos you can for your website and social media instead of a singular popular picture that everyone is using online. 

2. Great font finds

Finding the right font is the first step in conveying the right look and feel of my brand. Some websites require that you pay to use it online and an additional price for printing it on products offline. Purchasing various licenses can get very pricey! With Creative Market I can find fonts that have one price for all uses. Install the font on your computer and forget about it until you need it. Easy! 

3. Backgrounds you can't make yourself (because you don't have the time)

You may dabble in graphic design and be able to create some cool effects for yourself but sometimes it's just a better use of your time to purchase what you need from someone else. What I love about Creative Market is that I get a bundle, not one singular product. There is a series in the bundle of images and I can download all of them straight from the website or email to my computer. Simple and easy.  

4. Unique presentation layouts

If your business involves public speaking, workshops or webinars you are expected to produce amazing presentations. Standing out is a challenge when everyone is using the same standard PowerPoint, Prezi and Canva templates. I get my customized, original templates through Creative Market. You can absolutely find something designed by a graphic artist with an eye for design and effective presentation without paying prime rates. Check it out!

5. Vectors and illustrations

Vector images are available everywhere online and yet there is a challenge in finding enough similar images to create a consistent brand identity. When it comes to vectors you need the bundle. Again, where Creative Market sets itself apart is the bundles of graphic elements that you can buy for very reasonable prices so you don't have to search for individual vectors that don't match!

The best and most exciting part of working with Creative Market, for me, is the weekly FREE goods that are delivered straight to your email every Monday. If you're not sure what you'd like for your brand, sign up to receive the free graphic elements every week and download what you get at no cost. If you know what you want to refresh your brand go straight to the market and purchase the package you need. Creative Market makes it all so easy to keep your branding compelling and consistent online.