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5 Tip Tuesday: These 5 Followers Matter

These five followers are worth all of the time and money you're spending on social media ...and more!

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Everybody Wins!

Kanye has provided the Pan Am games with an extra level of publicity they couldn't have hoped for. This is the beauty of a great strategic partnership and sponsored collaboration. The games pays Kanye an astronomical amount for him to perform and Kanye gets people talking about the event just because he is in it: everybody wins!

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Good Customer Service: Why You Need to Hear Complaints

I can’t stand walking into a store and not being greeted. I’m not talking about the sales reps being busy with other customers, although they should still say ‘hello’. I’m referring to walking into a store with no other customers and not having my presence acknowledged. It’s rude! It shows me that you don’t value my business.

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