I am on a lot of Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and I notice that most of the challenges business owners are having are in marketing. I am an entrepreneur so I experience some of these challenges too. I also have the advantage of studying and practicing marketing all day every day.

So if you have a question about marketing or public relations for your business please ask me and I'll do my best to provide a helpful answer. I don't know everything but I might be able to help. The advice is free, you have nothing to lose, just ask!  

Contact me by email at blackleopardpr@gmail or reach out through social media with the hashtag #asktheblackleopard and I'll upload my best answer on the Black Leopard Public Relations YouTube channel. 



P.S. Here's the first #asktheblackleopard answer video. This video is for anyone trying to figure out what kind of woman her target customer is and how to sell to her.

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