Everybody Wins!

The power of sponsored collaboration

To date, over 50,000 people have signed a petition to prevent Kanye West from performing in the closing ceremonies of the Pan Am games. According to the dissenters, a Canadian artist should be chosen to get top billing instead and I suspect some are feeling, but not saying, that Kanye's swagger is inconsistent with humble Canadian values. For whatever their reasons the dissenters are loud and persistent. The story has been covered by every major North American news outlet since the announcement. 

For better or for worse I wonder if this controversy proves the point that Kanye SHOULD close the games. The publicity for this closing ceremony performance is incredible! I will now be clearing my schedule that night  so I can watch the whole presentation when I had previously planned to skip it. Kanye has provided the Pan Am games with an extra level of publicity they couldn't have hoped for. This is the beauty of a great strategic partnership and sponsored collaboration. The games pays Kanye an astronomical amount for him to perform and Kanye gets people talking about the event just because he is in it: everybody wins!


Thursday July 9 we held our #GTAMUA event for makeup artists from the GTA and it was a success! Since the seminar several of the attendees and speakers have connected and some have already collaborated on projects together. I am so glad people were able to benefit from the interaction and make great use of the networking opportunity. I will be providing more events of this type for different industries in future. When I see there is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to benefit, you know I seize it. 

As I work on developing the next event for entrepreneurs, there is still a way we can form a strategic partnership where everybody wins.

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