Stay Motivated

Staying motivated to get up every day and sell, sell, sell is a challenge. Mondays are notoriously hard but you can do it! Whether you've run a business before or this is your first company, all of the skills you need to keep pushing to succeed are already within you and have brought you to where you are today. 

One of the techniques I use to stay motivated is to listen to mentors. I am a lover of podcasts and YouTube interviews. Whether you would prefer to read, watch, listen to or call someone, hearing from an experienced person helps to put your challenge in perspective. The person with experience and expertise may also have a solution to suggest that may get you reinvigorated and motivated to tackle the world! There are a few exceptional business coaches, marketing masters and motivational speakers that I refer to for advice and motivation. So when I'm struggling in my #entrepreneurlife,

  • I watch a Gary Vaynerchuck rant on the merits of hard work
  • I listen to Jason Calacanis interview successful entrepreneurs about the strategy they used to grow and attract investors to their business on This Week in Startups 
  • I get a boost from one of Nicky Billou's short, motivational talks. 

What do you do to stay motivated in your business? Has anyone given you some great advice about how to stay on your grind? Please let me know and share in the comments below.   

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