Relationships Are E-V-E-R-Y-THING

When operating a business your customer is King. You cater your product and service to ensure your customer gets great value from what you create. Whether it is time, money or attention your customer wants, you spend all of your company's resources trying to hand it to them. Negotiating customer expectations, agreeing on the route to get to the results they want and making sure they are happy at every step of the process is a tricky skill. But you do whatever is necessary to keep your customers and grow your business because good customer relationships are the foundation of your company. Nothing survives without that great relationship. 

Aside from your customers there are many other relationships you will need to operate your business daily. Friends and personal contacts give you referrals to new clients and customers. Collaborations with other businesses introduce you to new skills and ways of doing things. Vendors who like working with you give you deals on resources you could not normally afford. Making new contacts and keeping older connections strong is a vital part of keeping your business operating. Networking, media management and going above and beyond for current customers is not an option because in business relationships are E-V-E-R-Y-THING!

A smart entrepreneur makes relationships the center of their brand. How do you do this while commanding your customer's respect? Come back to the blog tomorrow for 5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways to Make Relationships the Center of your Brand.

In the mean time, Nicky Billou has released a short inspirational video about the Power of Connection and it is a perfect reflection on this topic. Watch and enjoy!

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