Scaddabush Shout-Out

I never understood some of the raves and praise about Scaddabush until now. I am not a lover of chain restaurants. I eat at a Shark ClubJack Astor's or Ghazale chain simply because they're ubiquitous and usually not far from wherever I'm standing when I decide to get a bite to eat. Last night my opinion of the Scaddabush chain was elevated forever. 

After meeting some clients in the downtown core, I met up with my fiancee for some dinner. We settled in for one of our favourite meals (Lobster Spaghetti) at Scaddabush to chill out and enjoy each other's company. We ordered our appetizer, drinks and main dishes as soon as we sat down (we've been there before and know what we like) then launched into our conversation. Before we knew it the manager came to the table to introduce himself, apologize for the unusual wait and mention that our main courses would be complimentary to compensate for the delay.

We did notice that our meals were taking a bit longer than usual (more than 30 minutes) but we hadn't yet complained because we were preoccupied with our conversation (we're chatterboxes). So we were pleasantly surprised by the manager's offer without prompting or complaint. Scaddabush exhibited exceptional customer service! The manager identified a problem, admitted it before a confrontation, exceeded our expectations and provided a solution.

Lately, I don't eat out nearly as often as I once did so I don't see many instances of great customer service in restaurants like Scaddabush exhibited last night. When I do venture out for a meal there are a few local eateries that I visit regularly because I know that the food is good, the atmosphere is comfortable and the business makes me feel like a valued customer. In a previous post I explained that customers are interested in feeling great when they interact with your business not in how you make that happen. In my own business I strive to make my clients feel well served, accomplished and valued and I demand that same level of service from the businesses I patronize.

The restaurant business is tough, new and old establishments alike close every day. When businesses are doing well we should give them positive publicity to keep their good practices going and welcoming doors open. 

Give a well-deserved shout-out to a restaurant or take out spot that delivers excellent customer service to you in the comments below.  

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