5 Tip Tuesday: How to Make the Sale

As an entrepreneur, you know that you won’t make money unless you chase after it. Yes, your attitude has everything to do with your success, but if you don’t know how to sell your products or services, you won’t get anywhere. This week’s 5 tips are all about making the sale.

1. Be passionate 

When you’re passionate about what you’re selling, it’s that much easier to convince a customer that your product is worth buying. With passion, comes enthusiasm and confidence. Your customer needs to believe that your product will do what you say it will. If you’re excited about the product and know that it will benefit your customer, they will get excited too.

2. Keep it simple

A good sales pitch is clear and concise. You don’t want your potential client to have to guess at what you’re asking. Don’t make them do any work! If you present your proposal on a silver platter and spoon feed the information to your listener, you increase your chances of hearing “yes”.

3. Know your client 

Before you reach out to a potential client, it’s best to do some research. If you can figure out what he or she needs beforehand, you’ll have the advantage of being able to tailor your pitch to meet their needs. If they are satisfied with your recommendation, they’ll return.

In the case of your existing clients, try not to make every encounter strictly about business. Every time you meet, try to learn one new thing about them. If possible, look for things the two of you have in common. A strengthened relationship will result in customer loyalty.

4. Make it personal 

If you want to make someone feel special, send them a hand-written note. Just had a consultation with someone? Send them a thank you card. Before you hand someone a business card, jot down a little note just for them. Maybe give them an alternate number they can reach you at. It’s the little things that make people feel comfortable with you. Once you’ve gained their trust, they’re more likely to want to do business with you.


5. Holiday Networking

Take advantage of those holiday parties! They can provide great opportunities for meeting new people in a relaxed environment. The holidays are also a great time to reach out to people you don’t speak to on a regular basis. Call to wish them Season’s Greetings and catch up on how life is going. Mention the exciting new project you’re working on. They may need your service or be able to refer you to someone who does. 

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