5 Tip Tuesday: How to Publicize Your Event


 Public relations and event planning go hand in hand. Including public relations in your event planning process will make all the difference in the success of your event. Public relations can be used to create a buzz of excitement around your event and attract all the right people. The more people and media channels that know about and attend your event, your ticket sales, social media presence, and attendance will grow naturally.

 1. Start PR outreach early

Get on the radars of as many local media outlets, photographers and bloggers as early as you can. Secure their interest and attendance. Early outreach helps with filling seats, securing sponsorships and will give you the upper hand on all the logistics for the big day. Have a schedule with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to the PR push organized. 


2. Give media and guests a reason to attend (Have a hook) 

What makes your event unique? Every event has a unique draw or hook that should entice and persuade people to take times out of their lives to attend your event.  Determine your events hook (or hooks) early on and communicate this in all PR materials. A draw could be the entertainment, the food, the special guests/celebrities, or even the venue!

3. Know your target audience

Depending on your event - whether social or corporate, a festival or a fundraiser – a certain demographic will be attracted to it. Know the key media channels your audience frequently use or visit. Identify the press most likely to attend and cover the event, and pitch appropriately. Don’t forget to post event details to the free calendars listings of publications and websites to increase public awareness.


4. Cater your event to your target audience

Cater your event to your audience as much as you can. For example, if you’re planning a fashion-focused event, be sure to have photographers on site or have giftbags with fashion-related products inside. Catering your event to your target audience can help you to communicate to potential sponsors or advertisers why partnering with your event will help them achieve their business goals reach their target audience.

5. Have an event hashtag

Having 1 unique event hashtag that can link guests to your organization and to one another before, during and after is a smart way to publicize your event on social media. Your event hashtag can be linked across multiple social channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so create an event hashtag in the early stages to unify your event posts and photos on social media.  

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