Discipline Is In The Box

Recently I admitted to having more ideas to expand, promote and diversify my business than there seems to be time to execute them. I  know I'm not the only entrepreneur with this problem! With each and every entrepreneur I work with new ideas come easily and opportunities to collaborate on projects appear every week! Does this sound like you? Were you shouting 'Amen' to this Instagram post?

BLPR IG hustle more box.jpg

One of the most challenging skills to cultivate for entrepreneurs is focus. The curiosity and talents that makes us resourceful enough to run our own business also make planning, thorough execution and discipline difficult. Not a fun word, discipline, but it's necessary for success!

If you are like me, you want to be the best at what you do. Being the best takes hard work, discipline (that word again) and creativity. There are ways to trick yourself into focusing on your goals, executing your plan and becoming disciplined without feeling it. My strategy is using a 'Hustle More' box. Here's how you can fool yourself into becoming the disciplined entrepreneur you need to be to grow your business.


Buy a box you love. 

In my experience, if you're attracted to the outside you won't avoid the inside. Get a box that you really love to look at and use on a daily basis. The 'Hustle More' box I use is from Marshalls but there are a plethora of beautiful boxes in the Greater Toronto Area and on the internet including Indigo, Ikea and Brika



Whenever you come across a good idea, write it down, place it inside the box, and leave it alone so you don't becoming distracted from what you are already focused on that moment.



Each week pull one idea out of the box and put a little work into executing it without feeling overwhelmed: spend an hour researching whether that idea makes sense for your business, talk to a friend about it, write your complete plan from start to finish or hire the expert you need to help you.

Next week come back to the blog for five essential business ideas to add to your 'Hustle More' box. Put a little work into each week and you'll be sure to better your business. 

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