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5 Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways to Make Relationships the Center of Your Brand

Yes, you know that going to networking events, following up conversations by connecting on LinkedIn and being polite to your clients are all important. But do you know how to make good relationships the center of your brand?

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Storytelling: can art and business coexist?

Narrative is a powerful tool to gain the hearts and minds of an audience.

Have you ever felt warm and fuzzy toward someone after reading their biography?

Sebastian Horsely

Ever excused a horrible deed when you learn the reasoning that lead to the action?


Do you want to learn more about a business after reading a compelling About Us page? 

Mail Chimp

Good storytelling is an excellent method of securing the interest and attention of your customers. I cannot stress enough how important persuasive writing is to developing your brand and making a distinct impression on your audience. 

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