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Finish Line Marketing: 5 Guidelines for Finish Line Marketing

But marketing your business is like training for a competition. There are a thousand unsexy elements of what it takes to run your business and sell your products that your customer is not interested in knowing. 

Marketing your business online and off requires finish line marketing. Your customers want to see the results. Your customers want to participate in your triumphant moments. Occasionally, your customers even want a peek at your process but only insofar as it builds their trust in your ability to understand and solve their problem. 

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Chasing Your Dreams

We are firm believers in doing what you love. We’re passionate about Public Relations and we’re so grateful that following our passion has brought us to this point in our lives. Founding Black Leopard Public Relations took loads of work, but it's been a blast.

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Storytelling: can art and business coexist?

Narrative is a powerful tool to gain the hearts and minds of an audience.

Have you ever felt warm and fuzzy toward someone after reading their biography?

Sebastian Horsely

Ever excused a horrible deed when you learn the reasoning that lead to the action?


Do you want to learn more about a business after reading a compelling About Us page? 

Mail Chimp

Good storytelling is an excellent method of securing the interest and attention of your customers. I cannot stress enough how important persuasive writing is to developing your brand and making a distinct impression on your audience. 

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